Limmud Oz 2018: 9-11 June 2018

Shabbat afternoon program on Saturday 9 June: 222 Balaclava Road.

Saturday night, Sunday, Monday: Building H at Monash Caulfield.


Theodor Herzl Club, 222 Balaclava Rd

Monash Caulfield

On Saturday night, the program will continue with an hour of Limmud sessions followed by a musical performance celebrating the work of Paul Simon. Sunday 10 June and Monday 11 June at Monash will feature a huge choice of sessions every hour from 9.30 am into the evening.

The program is now published and includes a wonderful range of local and international presenters and performers, on almost every Jewish topic imaginable. You can see profiles of the fascinating international presenters on the home page.

Limmud Oz alternates its large events between Melbourne and Sydney each year, and in 2018, Limmud Oz Sydney is running a 1-day Yom Limmud event on 17 June 2018.

Limmud Oz is centred on a core Limmud philosophy of diversity – with a choice of sessions offered in all time slots.

All Limmud events are immersion events and registration is not offered for individual sessions. This enhances the experience of participants and supports the Limmud philosophy that all sessions are given an equal platform.


The program for Limmud Oz 2018 includes sessions on Israel & the middle east, the Jewish world, Jewish history, text-based learning, musical performances and personal reflections. You can collect the printed program, together with your lanyard, on Friday, 8 June from 1pm to 3pm at the Theodor Herzl Club, 222 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North.

Food at Limmud Oz

Kosher food will be sold on site, and there will be a coffee cart throughout Sunday and Monday.

Limmud volunteers

Limmud Oz Melbourne is run almost entirely by volunteers from beginning to end, and all organisers and presenters take part on the basis of Limmud’s philosophies of volunteering and participation. If presenters are Limmud’s soul, volunteers are its body, doing everything necessary to deliver this complex and wonderful event, and we thank all the volunteers who make it happen. There is still time (just) to get involved. If you want to be involved, contact us.

Little Limmud

Little Limmud provides programs for children aged 4 to 7 and 8 to 11 whose parents or guardians are at Limmud attending sessions. Little Limmud offers sessions customised for our youngest Limmudniks and will run from 10.30am to 4.00pm and provide a chance for parents to attend some of the day while children are entertained and enjoy a Limmud experience.

Parents and other carers can also take advantage of a shared ticket which lets two adults share one ticket (as long as only one person uses it any one time) so that carer responsibilities can be shared in the hours that Little Limmud is not running.

Family sessions

In the context of the Little Limmud program, there are 2 sessions in Room H220 each day that are suitable for 8-11 year olds and their families. Those sessions are highlighted in the program.

Limmud B’emtzah teen program

Limmud Oz recognises that learners come in all shapes, sizes and ages. 12-15 year old Limmudniks are invited to join B’emtzah, in the middle. Teens will attend an opening and closing session each day with leaders from local youth groups and other organisations and will be provided with a shmooze space to encourage socialisation and community building (otherwise known as hanging out and having fun). We have also handpicked sessions from the main program which we think most likely to appeal – but of course, as true Limmudniks, B’emtzah attendees will be welcome to take ownership over their Limmud learning experience. At $30 for 3 days, Jewish learning has never been so affordable.

Limmud Oz Committee, 2018

Nomi Blum (Co-Chair)
Annette Charak (Co-Chair)
Leanne Donde
Melinda Jones
Leah Justin
Mandi Katz (Programming Co-Chair)
Sidra Kranz Moshinsky
Liora Miller
Ruth Rosen
Pebby Wald