Program 2018 features

The program includes text, Jewish history, and anything and everything Israel. We’ll hear about issues affecting Melbourne and Australian Jewish communities as well as the big global events and concerns affecting Jewish life.

It’s high-brow, it’s low-brow, it’s cultural, religious, political, performance, reflective, from the head, from the heart and unclassifiable. It’s Israel, it’s diaspora and the spaces in between.

From the personal to the political and the past to the present, and from remote Jewish communities to the large centres of Jewish life, it’s all at Limmud.

Israel at 70 is a major theme of the program with sessions on Israel’s history, political analysis, social movements, art, literature, landscape and music.

The program is rich in text learning opportunities and for the first time we’ll offer a Bet Midrash with extended sessions (90 minutes) over Sunday and Monday mornings to learn Talmud – perfect for those who have never had the experience and those who want more.

Join the Limmud Oz book club to discuss All the Rivers by Dorit Rabinyan on Sunday and Choose Somebody Else by Yvonne Fein on Monday. The books are available from our partnering bookseller, Avenue Books.

And more music than ever before.

Your biggest problem will be how to choose.